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Interesting facts about me

A few special Notes about myself:
Name: Rob
Nickname: 12ozMouse - Mouse - MadMouse
Birthday: 11-08-1967
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Significant Other: Position needs to be filled!
Children: None (other than myself.)
Occupation: Retired Autobody Tech.
Collection Focus: Adventure Team
Hobbies/Interest other than GIJOE: LEGO, model rocketry, target shooting, wood working, online gaming.
Length of time collecting: 12+ years
Favorite Joe: Man of Action/Air Adventurer & my custom Race Bannon
Favorite Vehicle: Mobile Support Vehicle & AT Helicopter
Favorite Accessory: Fantastic Free Fall Gold Fighter Pilot Helmet
Favorite Movie: The Road Warrior & Convoy
Favorite TV Show: Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Book: Weapons by Edwin Tunis
How long have you been online: 15+ years


PS. Always been flocked always will be flocked! ROFL

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    Ok.... You have WASP on your page!!! I love those guys! I am a child of 80's you can probably tell. LOl.


    Reply from MadMouse:

    "We Are Sexual Perverts!"
    Got to love Steven Edward Duren a.k.a. Blackie Lawless.

    Take care
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    Kudos for the Mouse man!